Hong Kong – A Paradise for Birdwatching

Why are there so many bird species in Hong Kong?

  1. Species are distributed in different bio-geographical areas separated by natural barriers such as oceans, mountains and deserts, each of which has its own characteristics. As Hong Kong lies between two major bio-geographical areas (Palaearctic and Oriental), we have the chance to see birds from both regions.

  2. Hong Kong is located on the East Asia – Australian Flyway, one of the main waterbird migration routes. Between September and May, many birds pass through Hong Kong on the way between northern Asia and wintering grounds well to the south, including Australia and New Zealand. Some birds also winter in Hong Kong.

  3. Hong Kong is also unique because it features a wide diversity of habitats within its borders, especially in the country parks, which cover some 40% of the land. These habitats include wetlands (brackish and freshwater), open country, streams, coastal area and islands, woodland and urban area. In addition, typhoons occasionally bring truly oceanic species into Hong Kong waters.

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