The construction of the San Tin Technopole will commence in 2024 Q4.

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Which conservation boundaries are being eroded by the San Tin Technopole development?

The latest proposal for San Tin Technopole
was suddenly announced in May 2023.
The development scale increased dramatically
almost by half, which will also
involve extensive fishpond reclamation.

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San Tin Technopole
encroaches into 175 hectares
of the internationally recognized
"Inner Deep Bay and Shenzhen River catchment area"
Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

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San Tin Technopole
intrudes into
Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site.

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San Tin Technopole
infringes 151 hectares of
Wetland Conservation Area
and 97 hectares of Wetland Buffer Area.

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San Tin Technopole
grabs the 24-hectare wetlands
that were originally studied for
the establishment of the
Sam Po Shue Wetland Conservation Park.
The size of the Park will be reduced by 40%.

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This wetland nurtures many endangered species.

Critically Endangered Boar's Pochard
The global population of this species was estimated to be fewer than 1,000 individuals. This species disappeared from Hong Kong for a decade but reappeared in San Tin last year...
Vulnerable Eastern Imperial Eagle
San Tin is also an important wintering ground for the Class I nationally protected species...
Endangered Black-faced Spoonbill
San Tin fishponds have been recorded up to 78 individuals at one time. They account for 1% of the global population, meeting the criteria for the designation of international important wetland...
Vulnerable Common Pochard
Although there are regular records of this species in the San Tin fishponds, their global population of this species is declining...
Critically Endangered Yellow-breasted Bunting
The contiguous fishpond wetlands in San Tin also form an open-country habitat, with various microhabitats such as pond edges with vegetation and reed beds, which also attract many landbirds to roost and forage...
Vulnerable Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
The drain-down of fishponds also become a refueling ground for different threatened waders...

This already accounts for 30% of the total population of Black-faced Spoonbill in the Inner Deep Bay area, equivalent to over 1% of the global population. It is already eligible to be included as Ramsar Wetland of International Importance

Mr Yu Yat-tung, Director of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

Key Development Timeline

18 May 2023

Announcement of pond reclamation proposal for San Tin Development

The latest San Tin development plan that involves filling of extensive fishpond wetlands and occupation of 150 hectares of Wetland Conservation Area, was first released on the Legislative Council website,

18 May 2023

20 Jan 2024

Public Engagement exercise of the Study on the Development of Wetland Conservation Parks System

AFCD launched a two-month Public Engagement exercise of the Study on the Development of Wetland Conservation Parks System on 21 November 2023. The member of the public can submit comments by e-mail ( on or before 20 January 2024.

2 Feb 2024

Announcement of the Environmental impact Assessment report

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the San Tin Technopole was made published on 2 Feb which is also the World Wetland Day 2024.

2 Feb 2024

3 Mar 2024

Deadline for the public consultation under Environmental impact Assessment Ordinance

Starting from 2 Feb 2024, the public will have 30 days to make comments on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the San Tin Technopole under the EIA Ordinance. You can send your submissions to or make comment via the official online platform.

08 Mar 2024

Land Resumption gazetted

Most of the "Wetland Conservation Area" affected by the San Tin Technopole development are owned by three major property developers or Tso/Tong lands. The corresponding land resumption has been gazetted on 8 March 2024. However, no update regarding the land within the proposed conservation park. It is still unknown if the government would allow private participation for wetland development, such as in-situ land exchange.

08 Mar 2024

08 Mar 2024

Statutory Public Participation for Plan-making under Town Planning Ordinance starts

The "San Tin Technopole Outline Zoning Plan" has started a 2-month public consultation. You can submit your opinions to the Town Planning Board before 8th of May.

08 May 2024

Deadline for Public Consultation under Town Planning Ordinance

08 May 2024

2024 Q4

Estimated starting date of site formation

The inadequacies of the San Tin Technopole's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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