Our Staff


Mr. Yat-tung Yu

Deputy Director

Ms. Ming-chuan Woo

Project Manager

Mr. Chun-kit Chung, Johnson

Project Manager

Mr. Ka-chun Cheung, Tommy

Human Resources and Administration Manager   

Ms. Lut-ming Suen, Nikki

Fundraising and Communications Manager

Ms. Shan-shan Lai, Kathy

Assistant Research Manager

Ms. Ka-yan Yip

Assistant Education Manager

Mr. Cheong-hang Yu

Senior Project Officer

Mr. Yun-tak Chung

Senior Project Officer

Mr. Ho-nam Leung, Banson

Senior Project Officer

Ms. Man-king Suen, Maggie

Senior Project Officer

Mr. Kit Wong, Eric

Senior Project Officer (Regional Programme)

Mr. Chiu Lam, Kenneth

Bird Ringing Coordinator

Ms. Anna Louise Moulin

Research Officer

Mr. Chung-hoi Li, Tom

Research Officer

Mr. Chun-ting Chung, John

Research Officer

Mr. Pak-yung Kong, Jay

Project Officer

Ms. Wing-hay Au, Kani

Project Officer

Ms. So-yung Wong

Project Officer

Ms. Chor-chor Yuen

Conservation Officer

Ms. Suet-mei Wong

Communications Officer

Ms. Ka-man Lee, Koren

Assistant Regional Programme Officer

Ms. Hiu-wai Yeung

Administration Officer

Ms. Tsz-ching Leung

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A charitable organization incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability by guarantee.


Registered Charity Number: 91/06472

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