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Crested Bulbul Club Committee    


Crested Bulbul Club is a group under the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society mainly comprises of the elderly.

Aims of the Crested Bulbul Club include promoting birdwatching and bird conservation in the community through organizing regular birdwatching activities and providing other services.

With internal trainings and examination, birders above 50 years old can become their members and join the voluntary works.

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紅耳鵯俱樂部委員會 Crested Bulbul Club Committee

主席                Chairman                                梁家永先生        Mr. Leung Ka Wing

副主席(內務)  Vice-Chairman(Internal)         勞榮斌先生        Mr. Lo Wing Bun

副主席(外務)  Vice-Chairman(External)       文權溢先生        Mr. Man Kuen Yat, Bill

秘書               Secretary                                 蘇國強先生       Mr. So Kwok Keung

總編輯            Chief Editor                            周錦翠女士        Ms. Chow Kam Chui

顧問委員         Advisor                                  丘漢光先生        Mr. Yau Hon Kwong

組長                Team Leaders                         文權溢先生        Mr. Man Kuen Yat, Bill

                                                                       蔡松柏先生        Mr. Choi Chung Pak, David

                                                                      梁家永先生        Mr. Leung Ka Wing                                                                                                                        勞榮斌先生        Mr. Lo Wing Bun

                                                                      吳仁娜女士        Ms. Ng Yan Nar

                                                                      簡漢江先生        Mr. Kan Hon Kong

副組長               Vice Team Leaders              岑萬全先生        Mr. Shum Man Tsuen, Tony

                                                                      蘇國強先生        Mr. So Kwok Keung

                                                                      關合珠女士        Ms. Kwan Hop Chu

                                                                      何家強先生        Mr. Ho Ka Keung, Tony

                                                                      鄭金源先生        Mr. Cheng Kam Yuen

                                                                      宗作剛先生        Mr. Chung Chuk Kong

科技顧問   Technology Advisor                     梁厚鍵先生        Mr. Leung Hau Kin

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A charitable organization incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability by guarantee.


Registered Charity Number: 91/06472

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