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In the two previous posts, we have updated the processes on the two main elements (#ResearchAndStudies & #CommunityEngagement) of the Shui Hau Project. For this time, we will look at the latest news on the #MarshManagement! If you have been to Shui Hau recently, you might see the trees along the narrow road in the marsh were attached with tags of white background and black numbers (Figure 1 & 2). These tags will be helpful in the tree survey in the future, in which the surveyors will be able to record the tree species with the tags and maps. In order to create an open marsh area, management measures will be further implemented according to tree assessment results. That is to say, we may strengthen conservation measures or carry out selective tree removal.

Figure 1: Attaching tree tags

Figure 2: Measuring the distance between trees for map making



In the hot summer of July, our student interns joined the tree tagging team (Figure 3 & 4), which tagged over 80 trees in a day. We have encountered different creatures during our work in the marsh, and there was once a Brown Tree Frog jumped onto the body of a student intern, blinking its eyes and climbing up (Figure 5). Fortunately, our student interns were not scared by its passion; they even tried to observe it carefully and take the opportunity to rest simultaneously. After finishing the work and being ready to call it a day, a buffalo blocked the road when we left the marsh, and the curious buffalo even rambled towards us. Gazing at each other for a while, we decided to go backwards and wait for the buffalo to return to the marsh sluggishly, then we slowly left. After a hard-working day, student interns have experienced how to respect the nature and understand the challenges and importance of working for a wetland!

Figure 3: Student interns walking in the marsh


Figure 4: Student interns measuring the distance between trees

Figure 5: A Brown Tree Frog jumped onto the body of a student intern

Figure 6: The buffalo we met on the road


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