Hong Kong Bird Watching Day Race Rules

Hong Kong Bird Watching Day Race Rules

  1. The competition is conducted in a team format, with a minimum of three and a maximum of five members per team. The team size is based on submitted registration form and cannot be changed by the participants.
  2. Confirmation of bird records: Sightings of the bird or its call are both acceptable; each bird species must be confirmed by at least three team members.
  3. The recorded birds in the competition must be identified and confirmed by the registered team members. If there are other individuals accompanying the team, they can only act as silent observers and are not allowed to provide any form of hints. Otherwise, the team’s eligibility to participate will be revoked.
  4. All participating teams must abide by HKBWS's "Code of Conduct for Birdwatching and Photography" and the "Important Note for Birding in Rural Area
  5. The following behaviours are not allowed in the competition:
    1. Using recording devices or bait to attract birds.
    2. Disturbing or chasing away birds.
    3.  Entering locations where birds gather for breeding, such as egretries.
  6. The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) will not provide transportation during the competition. Each team needs to make their own arrangements.
  7. The competition time is based on the Hong Kong Observatory's time.
  8.  All teams must use the logbook provided by HKBWS to submit their bird watching records. 
  9. Teams can start and finish the competition anywhere, but all team members must arrive at the designated reporting location within the designated time of their own race category to submit the logbook to HKBWS staff. After submitting the logbook, all team members need to take a group photo.
  10. All bird-watching records will be reviewed by the judging panel. The judging panel has the right to reject any unreasonable records and may request detailed documentation from the relevant teams if necessary.
  11. Scoring Method: Each species approved by the judging panel will receive one point. During the competition, the team can gain three points if they find a bird with a satellite tracking device, with a maximum limit of one bird. Additionally, the team can gain extra one point for each bird with leg band, up to a maximum of five birds. To get the above two types of bonus points, the bird species and leg band number must be specified, or photographic evidence must be provided.
  12. The following situations will result in a deduction of the team's total score:
    1. Absenteeism, lateness, or early departure of team members: Deduct one point per person.
    2. Late submission of the logbook: Deduct one point per minute. 
  13. If the weather is unstable before the race (e.g. Red or Black Rainstorm Signal, or Typhoon No.8 Signal or above), HKBWS reserves the right to cancel the race and will notify all participating teams one day before the race.
  14. HKBWS reserves the right to change the above competition rules at any time. In case of any disputes, the final decision rests with HKBWS.

Fundraising Race Rules

  1.  Only teams which are successfully registered in the Hong Kong Bird Watching Day can participate in the Fundraising Race. The team can customize their online fundraising page, such as adding a profile picture, team description and set the team's fundraising target.
  2. All donations for the team should be made through the team's fundraising page. Teams are encouraged to share your fundraising page with your families and friends, and they can support the team by making donations online. All tax-deductible e-receipts for donations of HK$100 or above will be emailed to the registered team leader of each team. All receipts will be prepared before 31 January 2024.
  3. The fundraising deadline for MTR’s Student Race is on 25 Nov 2023 2pm, while that of Challenger Race is on 26 Nov 2023 at 10am. The team with the highest amount of fund raised will be the Best Fundraiser of the corresponding race.
  4. All donations are non-refundable and will be used to support the conservation work of HKBWS.
  5. HKBWS reserves the right to change the above competition rules at any time. In case of any disputes, the final decision rests with HKBWS.  


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