Egret Research Group (ERG)

ERG has been established since 2002. The aim of this research group is to promote researches and increase the public awareness in egret conservation . ERG consists of five members (1 convenor, 1 advisor and 3 members), along with several volunteers. This group is an amateur group and the full time jobs of most members are in relation to local enviornmental protection.

In the past seven years, ERG has conducted a number of studies and published reports and papers on the ecology of egrets and herons not only in Hong Kong, but aslo mainland China. Selected highlights are:

  1. Annual count of the nesting population in Hong Kong (i.e. the government funded egretry count)
  2. Studies of feeding habitat use by nesting egrets and herons in various colonies in 2002 and 2008
  3. Nesting colony surveys in Hainan in 2004 and Guizhou in 2006
  4. Assisted a City University of Hong Kong study of ardeid egg ecotoxicology
  5. A review paper on the nesting population trends between 1989 and 2004

Apart from the above researches, ERG have undertaken education activities including:

  1. Egretry count training workshop
  2. Public talks about the latest trend and findings of the nesting population in Deep Bay Waterbird Survey Public Forum
  3. Talks and field trips to university students about the latest trend and findings of the nesting population of egrets and heron
  4. Educational leaflets about key information of egrets and herons

ERG will focus on researches about nesting population in Hong Kong and South China, for instance egretry count in Hong Kong and nearby areas. We are also interested in investigating the distribution and abundance of nesting colonies in South China. In order to enhance the understanding of the importance of conserving egrets and herons and their habitats by the public, the findings of these works will be reached to the public through a variety of activities including talks and workshops.

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A charitable organization incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability by guarantee.


Registered Charity Number: 91/06472

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