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貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella
  • 貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella
  • 貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella
  • 貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella
  • 貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella
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貓頭鷹雨傘 Owl Umbrella

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以神秘的貓頭鷹品種 – 斑頭鵂鶹為主題的3折摺疊形雨傘。斑頭鵂鶹是香港常見的留鳥,主要出沒於新界中及北部的森林及開闊原野。

A three sections folding umbrella featuring a mystery owl species - Asian Barred Owlet, a common resident in HK with most records from forest and open-country areas in the north and central NT.


  • 3折摺疊形雨傘
  • 米色190T尼龍布料
  • 鋁製傘架
  • 黑色橡膠塗層傘柄
  • 手動打開
  • 打開尺寸:半徑21吋(533mm) x 8版面
  • 深啡色尼龍傘袋,可於收藏時保護米色傘布免受染污
  • 3 Sections folding umbrella
  • Beige color 190T Pongee Fabric
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Black rubber coated handle
  • Manual open
  • Open size : radius 21” (533mm) x 8 panels
  • Nylon pouch in dark brown color can protect beige umbrella frabic from staining when storing in your bag.
Dimension (L x W x H) 240 x 50 x 40 Millimetre
Weight 207 Gram

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