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黃胸鵐有機棉紗手帕 Yellow-Breasted Bunting Organic Handkerchief
  • 黃胸鵐有機棉紗手帕 Yellow-Breasted Bunting Organic Handkerchief
  • 黃胸鵐有機棉紗手帕 Yellow-Breasted Bunting Organic Handkerchief
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黃胸鵐有機棉紗手帕 Yellow-Breasted Bunting Organic Handkerchief



One step further to protect our environment - support organic cotton, and our conservation work at the same time!


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一起保護黃胸鵐! 支持我們的保育工作!

國際自然保護聯盟瀕危物種紅色名錄: 極度瀕危 (2017)

Yellow-breasted Bunting, found in open areas such as ricefields and reedbeds.
In Hong Kong, you may find them in Long Valley, and even in fishpond area.
Unfortunately, due to over-hunting, their existence are being threatened……

Save yellow-breasted Bunting! Support our conservation work!

IUCN Red List: Critically Endangered (2017)


香港藍天畫布 (台灣: 藍天大地) 合作,製作有機棉紗手帕

■ 通過嚴格的國際有機棉GOTS認證,於台灣高規格生產。
■ 產品採用進口有機原棉,通過認證符合美國USDA有機規範。


  • 棉花田持續三年以上不使用化肥、農藥
  • 不使用殺蟲劑、除草劑、枯葉劑
  • 經過國際有機棉認證單位認證
  • 種子不施用殺菌劑,非基因改造
  • 必須和未行有機栽培之田地劃清界限

Production of organic yarn handkerchief is cooperated with Azure Canvas, HK

■ With Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, made in Taiwan
■ USDA certified organic cotton

About Azure Canvas organic cotton:

  • From cotton field with no chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years
  • Not using pesticides, herbicide nor defoliant
  • With Global Organic Textile Standard certified
  • Seed without fungicide nor genetic modification
  • Well seperated from non-organic cotton field

為何要選擇有機棉 Why do we support organic cotton?
認識有機棉更多 Know more about organic cotton:


尺寸 Size: 25x25cm

材質 Materials: 100% 有機棉 Organic Cotton

設計 Designed by: 小I 




Dimension (L x W x H) 167 x 127 x 1 Millimetre
Weight 10 Gram

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