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香港鳥類報告 2015 Hong Kong Bird Report 2015
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香港鳥類報告 2015 Hong Kong Bird Report 2015

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Hong Kong Bird Report provides overview of birds appearance and distribution information to readers. There are reports and research papers that may be of interest as well.
2015 was a remarkable year for birds in Hong Kong, as no fewer than 9 new species were added to the Hong Kong list in this year. Besides there are reports on birds sighting and observation, maps were newly added to the Systematic List this year, hoping it can be a convenient way to easily understand the distribution of species that are scarce enough to be of interest but too widespread for every sighting to be reported individually in the list.


語言:英語 (部份內容為繁體中文)
頁數:382頁 平裝

Publisher: Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
Publishing date:May 2017
Language: English with some content in traditional Chinese
No. of pages:382 paperback

Dimension (L x W x H) 211 x 148 x 22 Millimetre
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